einbau gaskamine

C50730 Cosmo <i>Eco Wave</i>

Ausladender, inspirierender Gaskamin

C50770 Cosmo Tunnel <i>Eco Wave</i>

Großzügig dimensionierter, transparenter Kamin.

C50820 Excellence 50XT <i>Eco Wave</i>

Das High-End-Kaminerlebnis

C51020 Lugo 70/2 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Komfort und vollkommene Zufriedenheit

C51040 Lugo 70/3 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Attraktives Flammenbild im Panoramaformat

C51060 Lugo 80/2 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Komfort und vollkommene Zufriedenheit

C51080 Lugo 80/3 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Panoramische und dramatische Flammen

C51085 Maestro 100 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Überragende Gasofentechnologie

C51090 Maestro 105/2 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Das ultimative Eckfeuer

C51095 Maestro 105/3 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Das ultimative Panorama-Feuer

C50605 Maestro 75 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Das ursprüngliche ultimative Feuer

C50610 Maestro 75 Tunnel <i>Eco Wave</i>

Der ultimative Raumteiler.

DRU built-in gas fires. Classic and contemporary fireplace solutions with or without a chimney.

Built-in gas fires form the greatest part of the DRU contemporary gas fire collection.
For homes with a standard British chimney, DRU produces gas fires in a wealth of sizes, from the Class 1, 22” fireplace insert to widescreen, hole-in-the-wall gas fires with spectacular flames and high energy efficiency.
For houses, or rooms, with no chimney, DRU provides a stunning  selection of built-in front, 2-sided, 3-sided and see-through tunnel gas fires that can be installed almost anywhere in the home.
All DRU built-in gas fires are glass-fronted, room-sealed appliances with a choice of logs, stones, anthracite glass and other interior finishes. You have the option of premier quality, designer gas fires or the DRU Global range of affordable built-in gas fires.

Either way, you can be sure of superior flame effects, impressive designs, economy of operation and performance that is second-to-none!
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