New European regulations regarding gas fires and wood stoves

05 October 2017   |   Compliance and regulations

January 1, 2018 sees the introduction of the European Ecodesign directive for all domestic and commercial gas and wood burning heating appliances. From this date, all gas fires and wood stoves must comply with strict new emissions and energy efficiency performance levels, although existing stock held at retailers and wholesalers may still be sold.

The regulations will apply equally to the UK, even though we are leaving the EU, as many fires and stoves are manufactured in Europe and imported into this country, so we will be falling into line with our European partners.

They are also part of an established policy of encouraging green energy and energy that is derived from less harmful sources, with a much lower consumption of fossil fuels and much improved energy efficiency levels for all domestic heating products.

The most dramatic effect of the legislation will be its impact on traditional open gas fires and stoves. In future, all gas and wood heating appliances must be constructed with glass fronts and be room-sealed for safety, comfort and efficiency.

Open fires draw the air for combustion from the room in which they are located and typically have very low energy efficiency ratings, so they will no longer qualify to be sold anywhere in Europe or the UK.

Energy labelling

You will already be familiar with energy labels that are currently applied to refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances. From January 1, 2018, these eco labels must accompany all gas fires and wood stoves sold in the UK. 

The label includes the manufacturer’s name, model number, power rating and energy efficiency rating of the device (see examples above).

Advertising and literature

As part of the regulations, manufacturers and resellers must include a copy of the energy label on all forms of communication, including websites, advertising, brochures, social media, etc. 

When you visit a fireplace showroom, you will see the new energy labels on display and they will be attached to all appliances when they are delivered by the manufacturer.

In summary, Eco design is a major change for the fireplace industry. All manufacturers will have to be compliant or risk adversely affecting sales. As a leading European manufacturer, DRU has taken the issue very seriously and has already modified most of its products to be as energy efficient as possible.

DRU contemporary fires are on live display in fireplace showrooms all around the UK. By completing our contact form, you will be put in touch with your nearest DRU approved dealer.

Alternatively, if you require help in specifying fires for a new development, you can contact our technical support team on 0161 793 8700 or email us today.

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