Landal Miggelenberg - The Netherlands

When replacing outdated holiday cottages in the holiday park, we considered one key element in this process: luxury.

21 November 2018   |   Projects
Ganuenta parc chooses luxury and quality - The Netherlands

Parc Ganuenta is an attractive holiday park on the outskirts of Colijnsplaat in Zeeland.

21 November 2018   |   Projects
Challenging Soesterberg - The Netherlands

Thermen Soesterberg has undergone a complete metamorphosis.

21 November 2018   |   Projects
Water villas at De Friese Meren - The Netherlands

Located at the Friesian Tjeukermeer (lake). Superior buildings and a high-quality interior and exterior finish.

21 November 2018   |   Projects
Exloo landgoed Hunzebergen - The Netherlands

Landgoed Hunzebergen is among marshes, heather and standing stones is in the Drenthe part of Hondsrug.

21 November 2018   |   Projects
DRU Metro designer gas fires are centre piece of luxury north London town houses

DRU Metro 100XT/2 corner gas fires provide the focal points in the living spaces of the town houses.

08 November 2018   |   Projects
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