DRU Metro designer gas fires are centre piece of luxury north London town houses

08 November 2018   |   Projects

DRU Metro 100XT/2 corner gas fires provide the focal points in the living spaces of the town houses

DRU Metro designer gas fires are centre piece of luxury north London town houses

O1A International, (www.o1a.com.au), is an internationally renowned architectural practice with offices in London, Melbourne and Abu Dhabi.

Its Chairman, Omiros Emmanouilides believes passionately that the fireplace should be at the heart of most residential developments and has specified DRU contemporary gas fires for several recent projects.

The latest of these is the conversion of a former Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Islington, north London, into two luxury town houses, complete with roof gardens and many unique architectural features.

Benefits of balanced flue system

Omiros chose DRU Metro 100XT/2 corner gas fires for the main living areas in the properties. As well as their visual appeal, the fires utilise the balanced flue system, enabling them to be flexibly located anywhere in the building without the need for a conventional chimney.

A heat-resistant false chimneybreast has been created in each property to house the impressive log-effect fireplaces. This also serves to accommodate the flat screen TVs for the perfect focal point in each room.

The false chimneybreasts also conceal the concentric flues, which exit the building through the roof. Air is drawn from outside for combustion, with waste gases expelled outside, resulting in safe, comfortable and efficient heating performance.

The exterior of the houses is transformed by timber and glass cladding and each property has a roof garden

The former commercial fa├žade of the properties was transformed by the skilful use of timber and glass, which softens the external appearance whilst allowing light to flood into the interiors at the same time, creating a distinctive landmark in this popular residential location.

As Omiros explains:
‘DRU has a very good name worldwide and we were impressed with by quality and energy efficiency of the fires as well as the expertise of their area sales manager, who did the survey and oversaw the installation.

‘We will not hesitate to specify DRU fires for future developments when we make fireplaces an integral part of the design.’

For further information visit: www.o1a.com.au
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