Exloo landgoed Hunzebergen - The Netherlands

21 November 2018   |   Projects

Ease of control, consumption and maintenance

Landgoed Hunzebergen is among marshes, heather and standing stones is in the Drenthe part of Hondsrug. It comprises 180 luxurious villas for people who like to combine rest with a unique experience. Henk Moes of Emmen fireplace specialists: “A fireplace is essential in this environment, providing the perfect finishing touch. We were approached by the Kontour project development company to recommend the most suitable models and how they could be installed. The houses are very functionally designed, using every square metre efficiently, so the fireplaces must not take up too much space.”

Exclusive cooperation with the ICY system

Moes: “DRU Polo three-sided freestanding and suspended gas stoves were chosen for the houses on Landgoed Hunzebergen. These compliment the luxurious interiors, which include many natural materials. DRU was the logical choice due to its consistent quality and reliability, as well as its experience with the management of fireplaces for leisure purposes. The exclusive ICY system in the fireplaces ensures ease of control, low fuel consumption and reliable maintenance.


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