Ganuenta parc chooses luxury and quality - The Netherlands

21 November 2018   |   Projects

Wellness is the guiding principle

Parc Ganuenta is an attractive holiday park on the outskirts of Colijnsplaat in Zeeland, a stone’s throw from the Oosterschelde National Park. The spacious and luxuriously finished holiday cottages are constructed in line with characteristic Zeeland architectural style.
Wellness is the guiding principle, so each residence has a Finnish sauna, whirlpool and walk-in shower with sun shower; some even have an indoor swimming pool. Obviously, such a luxury residence must also include a fireplace. The fireplace specialist from Zeeland has installed DRU Metro gas fires in seven residences. These fit well with an environment that demands very high standards of quality and finish.

Flexibility and experience

Wim-Pieter Dijkers from the Zeeland fireplace specialist: “Personal contact is very important in such projects. Installation is something you cannot do remotely, you must show your face at the site, consult with others and be flexible; that way, we relieve the contractor of any worries and together build a successful project. By choosing DRU fires, we make life easier for the main contractor. The exclusive ICY module in the fires ensures ideal management. In addition, DRU is a well-known player in the market, has experience in the leisure sector and stands for quality and reliability.

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