Landal Miggelenberg - The Netherlands

21 November 2018   |   Projects

When replacing outdated holiday cottages in the Landal Miggelenberg holiday park, we considered one key element in this process: luxury.

Klaas Odink, director of Van Wijnen Bouw explains:” We had built 51 large residences that feature very high levels of finish. Fireplaces fit perfectly with the standards of luxury experienced by visitors to the park. We opted for gas fires because we considered it important to use a clean energy source and because of the ease of use and fire safety in a wooded area.”


Herman van Dalfsen from Warmtestore, a company specialising in fireplaces, was responsible for the advice, delivery and installation of the gas fires: “The number of fireplaces, combined with the speed with which they had to be installed, made this project unique. As a result of good cooperation with Van Wijnen, we were able to constantly keep up with the construction schedule, which ensured that all the fireplaces were installed exactly on time.

Comfort and safety

According to Van Dalfsen, the choice of DRU fires was made swiftly: “The fireplaces had to be suitable for leisure use. This means they had to be easy to operate and fully manageable by Landal. The DRU fires are equipped with an ICY communication module that does not require remote control, switching off automatically if the guests are away for more than 30 minutes.

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