NOT TOO HOT and still lively flames

DRU designer gas fires are equipped with the clever and energy-efficient Eco Wave system.
Using a combination of the clever technology built into the gas fire, together with your smartphone or tablet, you can reduce the power of the burner while maintaining a beautiful flame picture. This means that the temperature in the room remains comfortable and you do not need to turn off the fire. So you can continue to enjoy the realistic flames, whilst saving up to 50% on your energy!

Warmth and atmosphere

The role of the gas fire in the home has changed in recent years. Modern homes usually have central heating or underfloor heating, are much better insulated and use less energy.

 All of these factors contribute to a home’s energy rating, a major determining factor when buying a new home.


Eco Wave - the perfect combination

With Eco Wave, the fire has its own IP address that is recognised by the home Wi-Fi network. In fact, the Eco Wave App can control up to five separate gas fires around the home. When your gas fire is controlled by Eco Wave, you can use the graphic display on your smartphone or tablet to determine the flame picture. You can set the fire at a lower heat output, but showing a beautiful flame picture at the same time.So less energy is consumed and you always feel comfortably warm, whatever the size of room.

Fully modulating burner

The heart of the system is the special Eco Wave burner in the fire. This is a fully modulating system that simulates the visual effect of how a fire will naturally change over time, with variations in airflow and flame height, creating one of the most realistic flame pictures ever produced.

 The standard Eco Wave remote control provides four optional flame heights and the Eco Wave mode for variable flame modulation. However, the introduction of the Eco Wave App, for tablet or smartphone, brings the performance of the fire up to a whole new level.
Using the touch-screen graphic display, consumers can set their own preferred flame picture, whilst at the same time saving up to 50% on gas consumption. This is achieved by striking a balance between high and low flames, with the lower areas of the fire consuming less gas.

Determine the power

No longer do you need to sacrifice the fascinating flame picture of your gas fire because the house has become too hot. Now, using Eco Wave, you can carefully manage the performance of your modern gas fire in conjunction with your home’s energy efficiency requirements, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Fires with Eco Wave

The original ultimate fire
The fire with added dimension
The ultimate corner fire

Remote access by DRU and their dealers

The Eco Wave app has three pre-programmed settings for simplicity of operation, as well as its customised mode for more sophisticated control. It comes ready-loaded with full appliance registration and performance data that can be accessed by the owner and by DRU in relation to performance monitoring and fault finding. There are troubleshooting and ‘know how’ sections that are easily accessed, and the device will even alert the approved DRU dealer for servicing anniversaries and other key dates. Eco Wave is compatible with IOS and Android tablets as well as most smartphones.

The benefits of DRU Eco Wave

  • Total control over flame picture and heat output
  • Realistic flames across the full width of the hearth
  • Enjoy steady heat over a prolonged period
  • Enjoy your gas fire during spring and autumn
  • High, realistic and dense flames
  • Up to 50% savings in gas consumption
  • Constant monitoring of gas fire performance

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