DRU PowerVent®

Position your gas fires pretty much anywhere

PowerVent® is a motorised flue extension system that is exclusive to DRU. It allows home owners to realise their vision when choosing a gas fire. It is now possible to acquire a spectacular, contemporary fire with a realistic flame picture that can be enjoyed wherever you want. 

It allows the installer to bridge large distances, go around numerous bends and even run the flue system through a crawl space or basement. This gives you the freedom to install a gas fire in the position of your choice. This includes room dividing walls, architectural features, lofts, basements, home extensions, high rise apartments, hotels, restaurants and much more.

The secret lies in the Powerbox that is connected to the flue on the outside of the building or just below the roof. A control unit measures the pressure difference in the flue and compares it with the pre-entered recommended pressure difference for assuring optimum burning of the gas fire. The control unit is connected to the Powerbox and, if necessary, activates a ventilator to continue the flow in the flue. All of this process is controlled completely automatically. In effect the system ensures that there is always sufficient air in the flue to maintain constant combustion.

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • The ideal solution for terraced houses, apartments or other set-ups where previously it proved difficult to position a gas fire.
  • The fire can also be placed in the centre of the room and the flue system can run via the crawl space for example.
  • Small surcharge for this system.
  • Small duct diameter of just ø 10 cm is easier to conceal.
  • Compact powerbox on the exterior wall or just under the roof.

Fires with PowerVent®

Extra wide corner fire
Panoramic and dramatic flames
The ultimate panoramic fire
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