DRU, successful since 1754!

Fire. The beginning for us all. DRU brought fire from the outside in 270 years ago. Craft is in our fingers, first we used fire to mold. At Diepenbroek & Reigers Ulft (DRU) in our own foundry. We produced pots and pans, created by fire, to then use with fire. Indestructible and timeless. DRU brought fire to families, and gave a warm heart to the home.   

Coal and wood heating were the standard but as times change, DRU changed too. New possibilities began with the discovery of gas. Making DRU currently the market leader in the production and distribution of gas fires and wood-burning stoves. And it doesn't stop there, meanwhile we are developing in abundance on biogas, electricity and even hydrogen. In a short space of time, we make fire infinite and so we continue to be the solution for warmth and atmosphere.   

The fire of the future

Even tomorrow we will still be here. Helping to make our world a greener place, we continue to research and innovate. Working towards a sustainable future, our fire will always burn bright. With the user as our source of inspiration. Are you looking for warmth or is it about atmosphere? By listening to these needs, we know what is needed and always stay close by. So... sit back, relax and take your time. DRU is with you all the way. 

Drugasar in the UK

Drugasar was founded in Manchester in 1975 as the UK distributor for DRU functional heating products. It became a fully owned subsidiary of DRU in 2003, and now distributes gas fires, wood and multi-fuel stoves and gas wall heaters under the DRU, Dik Geurts and Spartherm brands.

Drugasar employs an experienced team of sales consultants, technical, marketing and back office staff to support its national network of DRU approved fireplace retailers and gas appliance installers.

Since its inception, Drugasar has supplied gas fires and wood stoves to the public through its dealer network. In addition, it has provided gas heating systems to many thousands of churches, schools, local authorities, social housing, offices, industrial premises, leisure locations and many other diverse organisations.

To book a free consultation with one of our fireplace dealers or commercial gas heating specialists, call 0161 793 8700 or complete our Contact Form

Our core values

The balance between people and the environment

Sustainable business operations require a continuous balance between people and the environment. At DRU, customer satisfaction and efficiency go hand in hand with environmental friendliness and safety. Realising this requires dedication. Not only the dedication to achieve an A-label for our entire range, but also the commitment to our people, customers and suppliers.

Listening and learning makes a difference

The convenience for our customers is always central to our actions and thinking. How can our products and services be smarter, more innovative, more comfortable? For this we are in constant contact with users, suppliers and our dealers to listen and learn about their needs. Only in this way can we really make a difference to the lives of our customers.

High quality ambition

Saying what we do and doing what we say. That is the philosophy that sustains our business, because we have been producing high-quality products for more than 270 years. It is an ambitious and critical attitude that is ever present and motivates us to do better every day.

Ongoing development

Critical, inquisitive, eager to learn, open to feedback, always wanting to do better. A progressive feeling anchored in our DNA. It is a realisation that we can only make progress by continuing to develop ourselves. By being brave, by daring to change, by leading the way.

Produce to order

Using our sophisticated ordering and stock control system, your DRU gas fire will be ready for delivery in 5 working days. Quality and reliability are of the utmost importance. Each fire is produced with the finest precision and tested according to the most stringent requirements.

  • 5 working days from order to ready for delivery
  • Tested in accordance with the most stringent requirements

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