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For wood stoves and wood fires for lovers of the real wood fire. 
The name Dik Geurts has stood for craftsmanship and design ever since it was established more than 40 years ago. Dik Geurts stoves are now a household name in the fireplace world and have been part of DRU since 2007.

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With a Dik Geurts fire or stove, fire comes to life. You have full control over the fire and the play of flames. We show you how simplicity, experience and knowledge work perfectly together in the most beautiful wood fire.

Save on wood, particulates and environment

All wood-burning stoves and fires in the Dik Geurts range have a particularly high efficiency. A higher temperature is achieved in these enclosed and thoughtful fireplaces and stoves. This makes combustion much more complete and efficient. Even remaining soot particles are burned. So you save on wood, emit less fine dust and soot particles, and thus save the environment.


Dik Geurts' entire range meets EcoDesign requirements and achieves the required efficiencies and performs well below the fine dust emission limit. Also, along with leading woodburning industry body organisations and other major UK fireplace companies, DRU, through its woodburning appliance brands Dik Geurts and Spartherm is totally committed to meeting all the rigorous air quality and efficiency standards as set out in the 2023 Environment Improvement Plan.

More information on the Environment Improvement Plan

Simple to use, full control

Dik Geurts fires and stoves are easy to operate. They have a single lever for regulating the air supply. Thanks to this sophisticated air supply, Dik Geurts fires and stoves ignite very easily. You don't need to be a wood-burning expert to make a beautiful wood fire!

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Dik Geurts designer fires

A designer fire brings character to your home and is the beating heart of any interior. The Dik Geurts design fires seem to float in the room while forming a natural unity with the rest of the interior. Dik Geurts has 3 design series:

Freestanding fires from Dik Geurts

The epitome of atmosphere and cosiness. Dik Geurts wood fires are easy to install, you only need a flue. So you can immediately enjoy a wonderfully warm fire.

All free-standing fires

Dik Geurts inserts and built-in fires

The solution for renovations or new builds. Replace your old (open) fireplace for a modern and eco-friendly one with higher output. Or install an insert fireplace in new-build situations.

All insert and built-in fires

Extraordinary for every day

Mention the name Dik Geurts and the term robust design will resonate. extraordinary fires for people who value beautiful design and craftsmanship. With this in mind, Dik Geurts has expanded its range considerably. Below are some popular Dik Geurts fires.

Unique shape with beautiful flame picture
Classic stove with log storage.
Smart see-through wood fire.

Green Design central heating fires

Want even more efficiency from your fire? Dik Geurts also supplies central heating stoves, an environmentally-friendly alternative for heating your home. With these fires and stoves, the still-hot flue gases are used to heat water for your central heating system or for hot tap water. This way, you get more efficiency out of your fire or stove and save considerably on your energy costs.

Learn more about Green Design

Which fire is right for me?

When choosing a stove or fire, the power of the appliance is very decisive. Did you know that an average living room size requires only 3 to 4 kilowatts (kW) to heat the room?

Yet many people often unknowingly choose a fire that is too large. As a result, they fire too little wood, resulting in too low a temperature, poor combustion, low efficiency and black windows. You can very easily determine the power you need to heat the desired space. Look here for how to calculate the desired power.

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Green burning with Dik Geurts

With these 4 principles, you can easily stoke more efficiently. If you follow the steps below, you will be a responsible stoker!

  1. Make sure your appliance complies with EcoDesign (all Dik Geurts appliances)
  2. Have your appliance installed by our authorised dealers
  3. Choose the right fuel (local and dry wood!)
  4. Fire according to the Swiss Method.

More information on responsible heating

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