Dik Geurts Oval; The new style of heating

A beautiful and unique designer wood fire from Dik Geurts.
Enjoy a wide flame picture like never before.

Oval Front; unique designer fire

Five years after the introduction of the popular round Odin, there is now a little sister, the Oval. With a beautiful oval shape and a wide window, you have an even more magnificent view of the large flames.
The dark anthracite vermiculite interior also ensures optimum and clean combustion.

Easy to use, lots of heat, and a great look, all guaranteed with the Oval.

Take a look at the Oval series

Oval Tunnel; Lasting comfort

The Tunnel version of the Oval offers two wide windows, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful flame image from both sides. This robust showpiece works perfectly as a room divider. Thanks to the infrared glass, the Tunnel has an extra high efficiency. 

Enjoy the atmosphere and warmth throughout the entire room.

Easy operation

One single sturdily constructed air slider with three settings for the entire operation of your stove. This is typically Dik Geurts. The primary ventilation is for igniting the fire, the secondary ventilation is for burning waste gases and the ventilated glass creates a window that always stay clean.

Suitable for all homes

Oval fireplaces offer the option of an outside air connection. This connection ensures that the oxygen for combustion comes from outside. This makes an Oval fireplace very suitable for well-insulated homes.
And for sealed rooms or passive houses, there is also the airtight room sealed version.

A wide range

The Oval Tunnel is available in five different configurations

  • Fixed
  • Wall (Oval Front only)
  • Base
  • Legs
  • Plateau
See for yourself which one fits your home best.

Unique shape with beautiful flame picture
Unique shape with beautiful flame picture
A beautiful suspended Dik Geurts fire


All Dik Geurts Oval stoves are EcoDesign ready.

More information about Eco Design

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