Designed to be different

We can see the evidence of this passion in the superior design of our products and the originality of our technology. Over 260 years of Dutch expertise, knowledge and innovation has resulted in an unrivalled range of contemporary gas fires and wood burning stoves that are genuinely 'designed to be different.'

The perfect interplay

style, function and reliability

The fireplace as local heating

durable and future-proof

Contemporary gas fires for all preferences

DRU modern gas fires combine contemporary styling with solid performance and efficiency.
We harness the very latest gas fire technology to bring you gas fires with state-of-the-art designs, generating spectacular and authentic flame pictures.
In addition, our range of gas fires is more extensive than ever before, with a huge choice of shapes, sizes, capacities, interior colours and fire beds to suit any type of décor.

A desirably curved gas stove.
Extensive, inspirational gas fire
Panoramic and dramatic flames

Innovation that enriches your experience

For a company to be a market leader after more than 260 years, it must have continual improvement and innovation written into its DNA. DRU produces modern, sophisticated gas fires, along with exclusive product innovations that enrich the experience of the owner. 
These include the Eco Wave control app for tablets and smartphones and the PowerVent® motorised, extended flue system that further enhance the performance and versatility of our gas fires.

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Popular DRU designer gas fire ranges

DRU Maestro Eco Wave series

The ultimate fire

260 years of Dutch expertise, knowledge and innovation has led to a series of gas fires with natural and vivid flames – just like real log fires. Maestro is the most advanced gas fire in the DRU range, or the “ultimate gas fire.”

View the Maestro Eco Wave series

DRU Metro Eco Wave series

A wide range of versatile and contemporary gas fires

The modern, sleek DRU Metro hole-in-the-wall gas fires were originally introduced in a classic, one metre wide model with realistic logs and lively flames.

View the Metro Eco Wave series
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