Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

1.02 Batteries + communication

1. Batteries empty or weak. Replace with 4x AA (alkaline, non-rechargeable).

2. You will hear a short beep after inserting the new batteries.
    (If there is no beep, replace the receiver).

3. You will now set the communication code between the transmitter and receiver:

    - Press the RESET button on the receiver until a short and long beep sounds.
    - Release the RESET button and then press (within 20 sec.) the 'flame down' button
      button on the remote control.
    - You will then hear 2 beeps and briefly the sound of a running actuator.
      The communication code has been successfully set.

Do you not hear the 2 beeps and the running servomotor? Then contact DRU Customer Service.

! ! After switching off the fire, the remote control is blocked for 120 sec. (60 sec. for older models)

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