Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.05 Ignition cable and electrode


Ignition cable

- Is present and connected.
- Hangs free from metal or concrete parts.
- Is not too long (cut off unnecessary length at receiver side and reconnect).
- Short circuit to earth (replace cable).
- Spark in wrong place on spark plug (slide the rubber sleeve over the ceramic of the electrode).
- Replace electrode if necessary.

Ignition electrode
- Electrode with straight tip

- Oxidation: Roughen the electrode with a flat file or sandpaper (on the side of the pilot light burner).
- Position: 4 mm from the pilot light burner.
- Crack or fissures in the ceramic (not always easy to see)? Replace the electrode.

! After switching off the appliance, the remote control is locked for 120 sec.
  (60 sec. on older appliances)

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