Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.09 Ignition procedure

Check the oval knob on the gas regulating block.
Is it set to 'MAN'? Then turn it to 'ON'.

Delayed ignition of main burner(s)
Check that the gas flows to the main burner (± 3-5 seconds after the motor whirring). After this, the burner(s) should (partially) ignite within 10 seconds and without a 'popping' sound.
If the burner(s) do not ignite, stop the ignition procedure with the off button immediately (as this is a potentially dangerous situation)!
Now check the following first:
- Are the logs or pebbles correctly positioned?
- Are the burner holes (locally) blocked? Remove any dust.
- Is the vermiculite missing?
- Are there chips on the burner?
- Is the vermiculite evenly distributed over the burner(s)?
PowerVent® (if present)
Consult the PowerVent® manual on how to carry out the following checks.
- Is 230V going to the control unit and the fan?
- Are the pressure measuring hoses incorrectly connected, leaking or blocked?
- Is the pressure setting too high?
- Is the resistance in the flue gas outlet too high?
- Is the fan working properly?
- Is the solenoid valve working properly?
- Is the control unit working properly?
- Is the pressure sensor working properly?

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