Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.07 1st Thermocouple

Step 1: Check the pilot light and thermocouple

If the pilot light is too small:
- Check whether the pilot burner is dirty and clean it if necessary (click HERE for instructions).
- Check if there is a gas leak.
- Check if the pilot tube is kinked or dirty.
- Check whether the pre-pressure is too low.

If the top of the electrode is not (sufficiently) in the pilot flame, bend it into the flame.

Step 2: Check the circuit for shorts or breaks.
- Check that the thermocouple is not broken inside the interrupter
- Check that the interrupter is not broken inside the gas control block
- Check whether the black-red/yellow control cables are properly connected (at the receiver and interrupter).
- Check whether there is a short circuit at the interrupter.
Step 3: Check the receiver

Disconnect the black-red/yellow control cables from the receiver and connect them together.
- Ignite the fire in manual mode
- If the pilot stays on, replace the receiver (because it is defective). The rest of the thermocouple system is fine.
- If the pilot goes out, go to Step 4.
Step 4: Check thermocouple and gas control block
Turn the thermocouple directly into the gas control block and ignite the fire in manual mode 
- If the pilot remains lit, replace the thermocouple interrupter (because it is defective).
- If the pilot goes out, go to step 5.
Step 5: check thermocouple

Check the thermocouple by replacing it or measuring the voltage (should be >5mV).
- If the thermocouple is not defective, replace the gas control block.

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