Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

1.04 Wiring

Check (all fires):
 The ON/OFF switch on the valve must be set to 'ON'.

2. Check if the 8-pin wire between the receiver and gas control block
     - is not connected
     - has a bad contact
     - has loose wires within the connector
    Check by pulling wire by wire on both the receiver and gas control block ends.

3. Wiring of the thermocouple circuit is broken.
Check the thermocouple, thermocouple interrupter and wiring (see HERE for instructions)

4. Microswitch on gas control block is defective.

Checks for fires with 2nd thermocouple:
Has 2nd thermocouple cooled down sufficiently?
    Wait until it has cooled sufficiently (voltage should measure < 1.2mV between the black extension wire and earth)

2. Is wiring of 2nd thermocouple interrupted?

! If the above does not work, please replace the receiver.

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