Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.05 Gas supply and electrode


Ignition cable
- Is present and connected.
- Hangs clear of metal or concrete parts.
- Is not too long (cut off unnecessary length on receiver side and reconnect).
- Short circuit to earth (replace cable).
- Spark in wrong place on spark plug (slide rubber sleeve over ceramic of electrode).
- Replace electrode if necessary.

Ignition electrode
- Electrode with straight tip:

- Oxidation: roughen the electrode with a flat file or sandpaper (on the side of the pilot light burner).
- Position: 4 mm from pilot light burner.
- Breaks or cracks in the ceramic (not always easily visible)? Replace the electrode.

After switching off the fire, the remote control is signal is locked for 120 seconds.
(60 seconds on older fires)

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