Troubleshooter - Mertik GV60

2.15 Gas, air and flue


Gas supply
Check whether the pilot light gets smaller/weaker when the main burner (or any other gas-consuming device) ignites. If this is the case, the burner pressure is too low.

Combustion air supply
If the flames dance (unevenly) on the burner, this may indicate a lack of combustion air.

Check the following:
- Is the flue system permissible?
- Are there any blockages?
- Is the appliance and flue correctly adjusted (air inlet guide, restriction slide, throttling ring)?
- Has the correct gable/roof pass-through been used (DRU brand)?
- Does the gable/roof pass-through discharge into the prescribed areas (free from any interference from walls and roofs)?

More information on the above can be found in the manual.

! PowerVent®? Check that the pressure setting unit is correctly adjusted (see manual).

Pilot light burner
Is the pilot light too weak (dirty)? And does igniting the main burner pull it away from the thermocouple?


Remove the swivel and pilot light pipe, then remove the pilot light nozzle (do not drop it). Clean the nozzle with compressed air (e.g. bicycle pump).

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