DRU Global series


A smart choice

DRU Global gas fires offer all the benefits of quality DRU fires, but at prices that are affordable for all households. They have imaginative designs with advanced engineering standards and are built to last for many years to come.
Global gas fires are designed to suit any décor, with a versatile range of sizes, shapes, capacities and interior colours that will grace any home.
Global gas fires are compatible with UK as well as European homes. The balanced flue versions can be installed in homes with or without a traditional chimney, offering style, efficiency and flexibility. The conventional flue versions are designed to be inserted into Class 1 British or Irish chimneys, with ease and economy of installation.

Perfect flame image with the Truflame burner®

Are you looking for a gas fire with a flame image which looks just like a natural fire? The Truflame Burner® is the right choice. The burners are integrated in the ceramic logs and placed at an upward angle. This gives you the looks of a high and natural wood fire. The Truflame Burner® is available at different DRU Global fires.

View our Trueflame selection

Interior options

Next to multiple intallation options our Global range also had multiple interior options to choose from. Customise your fire to match the interior of your home with various interior finishes. 

  • Classic Stone
  • Black
  • Ceraglass


Fire bed

Choose your favorite fire bed. Global by DRU offers the following options:

  • Brown log set: the structure and colour makes it indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Anthracite glass: the reflection of the fire provides additional depth
  • Clear white stones for a natural flame pattern

Available for a part of the range of products.

DRU Global assortiment

Spacious conventional flue gas fire.
Classic 1 metre wide hole-in-the-wall gas fire
Versatile corner gas fire

Taking gas fires to another dimension
Gorgeous all round vision
A compact and versatile gas fire solution.

Inspiring whatever your viewpoint
Transform your worn-out chimney
Luxury in 3 dimensions

The perfect solution. No Chimney - No space lost - Perfect flames
Widescreen gas fire experience
Luxurious and affordable gas fire

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