The ultimate gas fire

260 years of Dutch expertise, knowledge and innovation has led to a series of gas fires with natural and vivid flames – just like real log fires. Maestro is the most advanced gas fire in the DRU range, or the “ultimate gas fire.”

NEW: Maestro 75 Tall Eco Wave

Modern gas fire with an unique flame picture
The Maestro 75 Tall Eco Wave gas fire provides a perfect view of the beautiful flames, thanks to its height. This fireplaces feature the exclusive Dynamic Flame Burner®, which creates beautiful high, dense dancing flames at the coldest time of the year. Thanks to its high efficiency, this fireplace is very energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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Dynamic Flame Burner®

The Maestro gas fire has the most authentic flame picture ever produced by DRU. This has been achieved by introducing a second burner into the ceramic logs. This generates denser and higher flames that lap gently around the cermic logs. The logs themselves have a more natural colour and texture, providing an even better fireplace experience.

Eco Wave, beautiful flames and comfortable heat

Innovative DRU Maestro gas fires are equipped with the energy-efficient Eco Wave digital control system. With an Eco Wave gas fire, you can easily reduce the power of the burner and maintain a beautiful flame picture. So you can enjoy comfortable heat without sacrificing the visual appeal of your gas fire.

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Easy release door system

Selected DRU Maestro gas fires are equipped with the Easy release door system, a convenient drop down door that allows access to the interior of the fire for routine cleaning and maintenance. The door can easily be opened without removing screws.

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Choice of interior finishes

With the Maestro series, you can customise your fire to match the interior of your home. As well as choosing logs or pebbles, you also have a choice of interiors in classic brick, smooth black or mirrored Ceraglass for greater depth of vision.

Choice of setups

The ultimate fire naturally requires the ultimate setting. Whether  you opt for a front, two-sided or three-sided model, visit one of our approved dealers and consult with one of their stylists about creating the ultimate fireplace setting for your home. 

The original ultimate fire
Ultimate fire experience with tunnel fire
The ultimate panoramic fire

Choice of locations with the DRU PowerVent® system

Would you like a gas fire in the middle of a room, a kitchen, bedroom or apartment? With the unique DRU PowerVent® motorised flue system you can install a fire almost anywhere that you choose. 

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