Take projects to the next level with the DRU Virtuo Evolve, presented during Architects @ Work.

It has realistic flames, authentic sound effects, is cool to touch and has remote or app controls, with multiple flame colours and patterns.

There are a choice of models and designs to fit any interior and the fires can be combined with media walls, false chimneybreasts and other architectural features for a complete fireplace experience. And with zero emissions, low energy consumption and smart electronic controls, the Virtuo Evolve combines luxury with sustainability.

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An ambient fire with ultra-realistic flame images

A realistic log set combined with unique projection technology ensure that the flames are indistinguishable from the real thing. The fire is easy to operate via the remote control or DRU Fire app. 

  • Ultra-realistic flame image
  • Natural log set
  • Eco Glow burner bed
  • Easily Determine the colour, intensity, sound and frequency of the glow bed

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The perfect electric fire for every design

A DRU Virtuo Evolve is the perfect mood enhancer for any interior. For flats, restaurants and hotels, but also for wellness centres, and holiday or leisure homes.  

  • Can be placed in public areas
  • Little to no maintenance
  • Low operating costs

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Endless possibilities

The possibilities for installing a DRU Virtuo Evolve are endless.

  • Can be built in all conceivable materials
  • No flue or chimney
  • Plug and play
  • One outlet is all you need

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Sketchup and PaletteCAD

Effortlessly integrate a DRU Virtuo Evolve fire into your design projects via SketchUp or PaletteCAD. Place an electric fire in your virtual space for a realistic preview of your interior.


A fire for every room

The DRU Virtuo Evolve is available in three different widths: 100 cm, 130 cm and 180 cm. In addition, all are available as a front and three-sided fire. In total there are six different models so there is always a DRU Virtuo Evolve to suit any interior.

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Electric built-in fires from DRU

Discover the wide possibilities of the DRU Virtuo Evolve electric fires

Beautiful realistic flamepicture
Electric atmosphere and warmth
All ambience, no emissions

Fire and craftsmanship since 1754

Whether you are looking for a classic stove or sleek lines to suit a modern interior: at DRU you will find the stove that fits every style perfectly. Thanks to our knowledge and expertise - we have almost 270 years of experience when it comes to comfortable, durable and safe heat at home - we always find the best solution. So also when it comes to electric fireplaces. In our extensive range of electric fires you will find DRU's innovative craftsmanship again and again. Each stove meets very strict requirements when it comes to durability, safety and ease of use. Because we keep improving ourselves, year after year. Are you looking for ecologically responsible warmth? Then choose DRU!

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