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Spartherm, one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of built-in fireplaces, stoves and insert fires has introduced an exclusive series of bioethanol fireplaces under the ebios-fire® brand.
Design and quality meet each other in this vast assortment of ebios-fire® “standard” bioethanol fires and custom-made built-in bio-ethanol fireplaces. This allows you to simply create a warm and atmospheric experience for all times of the year.

When it comes to ebios-fire® fireplaces, the highest product quality and safety standards go hand in hand, together with a passion for exclusive and practical design. Our ebios-fire® designers use their expertise and passion to help you realise your dream fireplace.

The range

Bio-ethanol - The green alternative

ebios-fire® fireplaces are exclusively fueled by bioethanol (“ethanol” for short). This renewable source of energy is obtained by fermenting the sugar and starch components of vegetable by-products – notably sugar cane, potatoes, grains and even hay. So, bioethanol has a neutral environmental footprint. Combustion of bioethanol produces carbon dioxide as well as heat and steam. That means no soot deposits or unpleasant smells are produced and no chimney or flue is necessary.
The alcohol-based bioethanol begins to evaporate at 12°C. The vapour produced is heavier than air, causing it to float above the surface of the liquid bioethanol. This means that only the gas, and not the liquid burns, resulting in vivid and dancing flames.

Clean combustion

Bioethanol consists entirely of organic material, providing a neutral environmental balance. The combustion is very clean, producing only heat, water vapour and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide – or CO2- is absorbed during the process of photosynthesis to facilitate the growth of plants. This endless process of energy-recycling makes bioethanol a CO2 neutral fuel.

Powerful Green Energy

All ebios-fire® fireplaces are designed to not only ensure low consumption of fuel at ideal temperatures, but also residue-free combustion. This means no chimney or flue is needed and no warmth is lost.

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ebios-fire® bioethanol fireplaces require no chimney or flue, making them ideal for locations like:

  • The kitchen
  • The bathroom
  • The bedroom
Use your imagination and create a warm atmosphere in every room with the vivid dancing flames of a bioethanol fireplace.

Bioethanol for ebios-fire® fireplaces

The quality of bioethanol can vary considerably, which can result in loss of colour in the flame picture or unpleasant odours. The burners of ebios-fire® appliances can only be fueled by bioethanol with a purity from 96.6% to 97%. We recommend ebios-fire® bio-ethanol with a purity degree of 96.6%.

Design Collection

Transform your home into a warm and special place with a fireplace from the ebios-fire® Design Collection. This range of ready-to-use fireplace models can be used in minutes without extensive installation. No chimney or flue system is required. And whether you choose a floor, table or wall model, just take your ebios-fire® design fireplace with you when you move! Move it around from one room to another, or even place it on the terrace during long summer evenings to enjoy cosy warm hours.

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Architects' Collection

Designed specifically for interior designers and architects, the ebios-fire® Architects’ Collection includes bioethanol burners, fireplace inserts and built-in fireplaces in a variety of layouts and finishes. The option between manually operated wick burners and electronically controlled bioethanol burners makes it extremely easy to create a stunning focal point with an ebios-fire® fireplace that requires no chimney or flue.

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A selection of the bioethanol fireplaces range

The bioethanol fire with the Z factor.
A torchlight procession in renewable bioethanol.
The automatic U-shaped bioethanol fire.

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