Frequently asked questions about bioethanol fires

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Frequently asked questions about bioethanol fires

A bioethanol fire burns on bioethanol – a renewable fuel made from vegetable raw materials such as grain or potatoes. The combustion of bioethanol releases so little CO2 that we consider the raw material to be climate-neutral or emission-free. A bio-ethanol fire is therefore a very sustainable option.
You can switch on the bioethanol fire with a push of a button on the remote control or in the accompanying app. After that, the fire itself supplies a constant, small amount of fuel. The vapors that are released are heated and provide the flame you see.

It needs fuel to ignite the fire. You can easily refill the reservoir yourself once the fire has cooled down completely.
The fire burns on bioethanol - a climate neutral fuel made from vegetable raw materials. With a fuel tank of 5.5 liters, the regular Ebios fire has a maximum burning time of 10 hours. A DRU bio-ethanol fire consumes an average of 0.6 liters of fuel per burning hour, but this differs per model and size of the fire.
You can do this simply by pressing the button on the remote control that came with the fireplace, or via the app that comes with the fire. The bio-ethanol fire itself regulates the supply of fuel and oxygen and takes care of the ignition.

Bioethanol is a highly flammable liquid. Our Ebios fireplaces are so secured that you can only refill them when the fire has cooled down completely. When igniting, always make sure that a window is open or that the room is well ventilated, just like any other fuel, oxygen is needed to create a beautiful flame!

Easy to use, safe and very clean, the bio-ethanol fire is a good alternative to a gas or wood fire, but has even more advantages!

No flue gases are released during the combustion of bioethanol, but a pleasant heat is released. The bio-ethanol fire does not need to be connected to an exhaust duct, which is why you enjoy maximum design freedom. Completely free-standing or built into a (cupboard) wall, it's all possible with a bio-ethanol fire!

Despite the relatively large reservoir, you have to refill the fire from time to time. In addition, a real fire burns, which means that the fire gets hot. So be careful if you have just turned off the fire, the glass or the surround may still be hot!

The bio-ethanol fire does not produce enough heat to be used as a primary heat source. This decorative fire will not heat one room, but it is very suitable for making the room feel warmer.

If you are looking for a fire for the atmosphere and have no exhaust option, then the bio-ethanol fire is very suitable for your situation!

With the bio-ethanol fire you enjoy the atmosphere and ease of use of a gas fireplace and you burn just as cleanly and safely as an electric fire, the ideal combination of atmosphere, user-friendliness and environmental friendliness.
Yes! Just like with a gas or wood fire, if you have the fire installed by one of our dealers, you can be sure that it will be installed and burns correctly. In addition, the fire is so secured that you can only refill it when it has cooled down completely, for example, and the sensors always ensure the correct adjustment. Of course, the fire heats up when it burns, so be careful when touching the fire during or after combustion.

Are you purchasing a bio-ethanol fire from DRU? Then your bio-ethanol fire is equipped with the most modern technology and you can be sure that the fire has the highest level of safety.
You should not smell the bio-ethanol fire! If you purchase a good quality fire and burn pure bioethanol, then the bioethanol fire is virtually odorless and no odors are released.
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