Converting a gas fire to propane

More and more people are converting their gas fires to propane. A very suitable alternative if you no longer want to be dependent on the gas network.  Do you have a gas fire and want to convert it to propane? We are happy to help you with that!

In this blog we answer the following questions about converting a gas fire to propane:

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What is the difference between natural gas and propane?

You would say gas is gas, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Although natural gas and propane do not differ in use, there is certainly a reason why more and more people have their gas fires converted to a propane gas fire.

Natural gas, like propane, is a fossil fuel. However, the combustion of natural gas releases about 19% more CO2 than the combustion of propane. That means natural gas pollutes our environment. But what are the benefits of burning propane?

The benefits of a propane gas fireplace

Do you have a gas fire and you no longer want to be dependent on the gas network? Then converting the gas fire from natural gas to propane is a good alternative! Converting your gas firep to propane has several advantages:
  • You are no longer dependent on the gas network;
  • Propane emits less CO2 than natural gas (up to 19% less) and therefore an environmentally conscious alternative;
  • You can also enjoy a propane gas fire in a gas-free home.
Enough reasons to have your gas fire converted to propane! Do you have questions? Or would you like someone to think along with you about converting your gas fire or stove? Contact us.

Hoe bouw je een gashaard om naar propaan?

Burning on propane? This is how it works!

Enjoying a crackling fire from your gas fire without being connected to the gas network, that's possible with a propane gas fire! If your gas fire has been converted to propane, the supply of gas will be different than if you heat your house using natural gas. With a propane gas fire, the fireplace is connected to a gas bottle and therefore not to the gas network. The gas bottle supplies gas that can burn the fire for an average of 18 hours. Do you connect multiple gas bottles to the fire? Then you can burn longer without refilling the bottles.

Natural gas and propane are no different in use. As with natural gas, combustion takes place when burning propane gas. This means that there must be a supply of oxygen for ignition and that flue gases are released during ignition. A propane gas fire must therefore be connected to a suitable supply and exhaust duct.

Is your gas fire suitable for conversion to propane gas?

As we said before, the gases are not exactly the same. Has your gas fire not been converted? Then it is not (yet) possible to burn propane. Not every gas fire is suitable for conversion to propane either. At DRU, a large part of the range of gas fires is suitable for conversion to propane. Most DRU or Global fireplaces are suitable for conversion to propane in the short term.

Do you want to know whether your fire is suitable for a conversion from natural gas to propane? Contact one of our professionals! They can answer your question quickly.

How do you convert your gas fire or stove to propane?

Most DRU and Global fires can easily be converted to propane, but you should always contact your dealer first to enquire whether it’s possible for your specific fire.
The conversion is not a major job, but it must be carried out by a specialist. After the conversion, you will have a propane fire that’s like new. The converted fire will meet all approvals and regulations.

Five year conversion guarantee for your new fire!

Have you recently purchased a gas fire and now realise you have to get rid of gas within soon? Or did you decide by yourself since buying that you no longer want to be dependent on the gas network? No problem! DRU offers a conversion guarantee for up to five years after purchase. If your DRU or Global fire is less than five years old, it is possible to convert it to propane. You can be sure that you can enjoy your new fire for years to come without any worries!

gashaard ombouwen naar propaan

Would you like to know more or convert a gas fire to propane?

Would you like to know more about converting a gas stove or fire to propane? Visit a dealer in your area. We are happy to help you convert your gas fire or stove.


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