Fire or stove parts

Once you have a fire or stove, you will probably use it very regularly. Due to daily intensive use, good-quality fires, wall heaters and stoves are bound to suffer wear and tear long-term. It is therefore possible that certain parts of your fire or stove will need to be replaced after years of use. This applies not only to the fire or stove itself, but also to accessories and the flue.

Replacement of parts for your fire or stove by the dealer

Parts for the current range of fires and stoves can be obtained by contacting a DRU dealer in your area.

There are also parts available for older types of fires and stoves, so you can enjoy your fire or stove for a long time. DRU guarantees that, up to ten years after the end of the production of a certain appliance, the necessary parts will remain available. Certain smaller accessories can be replaced safely if you are good with your hands. You can also order a remote control for a gas fire or stove yourself, although for parts that are directly related to the gas installation, it is advisable to have them fitted by a skilled technician.

Replacing parts of a gas heater or gas fire

Common components that need to be replaced in the long term are:

  • The thermocouple. This part is a flame protector that prevents the outflow of unburned gas.
  • The pilot set. Most gas heaters and gas fires are equipped with a pilot light. If there are problems with it, this part may need to be cleaned. If this does not help, it is wise to have the pilot set replaced.
  • A good seal around the seams of the stove or fire is important. This is usually done using a fibre optic cord.
  • Does your gas fire or stove have a log or coal set made of ceramic materials? These decorative parts, as well as the burner bed itself, can also be replaced.

Parts and accessories for wood-burning stoves and fires

Although wood-burning fires and stoves do not have to be connected to the gas system, these appliances and their accessories also require regular maintenance. It may also be necessary to replace certain parts of your wood-burning stove or fire in the long term. In addition to the interior of the stove, wall heater or fire, which endures high temperatures, there are many other points for attention.

  • Is your wood-burning fire or stove equipped with a fan for optimal distribution of heat in the room? Keep the fan clean regularly to prevent wear or noise. In the event of damage, it is better to replace the fan completely.
  • Also for wood-burning fires and stoves, the glass fibre cord in the door needs to be replaced at the right time. A good door seal guarantees clean and efficient combustion of the wood at a high combustion temperature. Is the window of your fire, wall heater or stove damaged? This should also be replaced by a professional.
  • Is your wood-burning stove fitted with a flame plate? Check whether you can still remove it and if there is enough space for the plate to expand at high temperatures.
  • A floor plate is an important accessory for a wood-burning stove. It protects your floor against damage or even fire from sparks that are released when refilling the stove.
  • The condition of the flue and chimney is important for the proper and safe functioning of your wood-burning fire or stove. The flue outlet must be swept at least once a year to prevent problems such as fire. Unfortunately, unscrupulous chimney sweeps who would like to carry out unnecessary repairs during a periodic sweep are also active. Ask your dealer if they can advise a company with whom they have good experiences.
  • Furthermore, the accessories of a stovepipe and any extension pieces/connections must be in good working condition. In a chimney with small cracks, a flexible stainless steel tube can be installed to improve the functioning of the chimney.

Lifetime fire, wall heater or stove

The proper maintenance and replacement of parts for your stove, wall heater or fireplace is definitely worth it. If properly maintained, a stove, wall heater or fireplace has a very long lifespan. Are you doubting whether it is worthwhile to have your present stove, wall heater or fireplace repaired further? Obviously, it may be more beneficial to have your existing fire, wall heater or stove replaced with a newer model that has a higher capacity. This is also a question that you can ask one of our official dealers. They can make an estimate of the costs for the repair compared to the investment in a new appliance. This will enable you to make an informed decision about repair and replacement.

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