How do I find a reputable DRU dealer?

You decide on a fire, wall heater or stove based on your own preferences, expectations and the possibilities of your home. The best advice you can get is from an authorized DRU dealer. Obviously, you can find a lot of knowledge and information on the internet that will enable you to make an informed choice. DRU also tries to inform you as comprehensively as possible on these information pages about the possibilities and other aspects that you need to pay attention to when purchasing and installing a fire or stove.

Where can I buy a fire or stove?

If you are convinced that you would like to buy a fire or stove from DRU, we advise you to visit one of our official dealers. Our dealers are highly knowledgeable about our entire range, but they are also equipped to advise you to make a good choice that matches your needs and living situation.

Experience the stove or fire of your choice in the showroom

The purchase of a stove or fire is a considerable expense. Once installed, you will not be able to reverse your decision easily, so do not make any hasty decisions. Above all, explore one of our official dealer showrooms, where you can view your preferred stove or fire at your leisure.

In addition to the look and feel of the stove or fire, you can also learn how to operate the appliance. Moreover, you may also see fires or stoves that you did not initially consider when viewing the website, but which may be a good choice.

How do I recognize a reputable dealer?

A reputable dealer takes the time to get to know you. He or she does not try to close the deal as quickly as possible, but listens to your wishes and asks questions. A professional dealer tries to make as exact an inventory as possible of what you expect from a stove or fire. He or she also looks at the extent to which the model you are interested in fulfils your wishes.

Ask others for information as well

Are there people in your area who have a fire or stove? Ask which dealer they bought it from and how helpful they found the contact and service. Nowadays, you can also look at reviews on search engines such as Google or on review sites.

Feel free to ask

Have you found a dealer with whom you feel comfortable? Our dealers aim to help you make the best possible choice, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about purchasing a fire or stove. Thanks to their extensive experience and expertise, our dealers are highly capable of providing bespoke advice tailored to your needs.

Installation plan and integration in your home

Have you been able to make a final choice from the range of fires and stoves on show at the dealer? Many dealers can create an installation plan so that you can see how the fire or stove you choose will look in your home.

If necessary, you can choose the interior finish or frame for the fire, wall heater or stove. This will ensure that it blends in seamlessly with the rest of your interior. Furthermore, the dealer can tell you if modifications are required for your home to install the fire or stove that you want. If modifications are required on the outside of your home, the dealer can give an estimate of whether it is necessary to apply for a building permit.

Trusted address for installation, maintenance and repair

Many of our official dealers have their own installation service. You can then be confident that the installation and connection to, for instance, the gas pipe is carried out professionally and safely. The dealer can also arrange regular maintenance. Normally, the dealer will resolve regular maintenance or minor problems for you. In addition, authorized dealers can also call upon our own service department for more complex situations.

Find a dealer for fires and stoves in your area

Would you like to visit the showroom of a recognized DRU dealer for fires or stoves in your area? View the dealers in your area here. ​

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