When is the best time to buy a fire?

Heating your home may not be the first thing you think about when you are lying in a hammock enjoying a cool drink. And yet it is the ideal moment. There is a lot to consider from idea to completion and that takes quite some time. If you think about getting a new fireplace as soon as it starts to get cold outside, you are already too late, so give yourself plenty of time!

Below is a handy step-by-step guide to what is involved before the fireplace can heat your home. You can then get an idea of how much time you will need for each step.

The first step: what do you want exactly?

Wood, gas, a fire, heater or stove? Life consists of choices and choosing a new heating source is even more applicable. We have already explained to you in various sections on this site what the difference is between a fire and a stove.

Here is another important factor: you position a stove and you build in a fire. Do you want a stove? That can be achieved faster than a fire. Currently, our focus is on fires. They create ambience for your home and blend in with your interior.

Step two: take a look

Stove, wall heater or fireplace: as soon as you know what you like best, you also want to see it in real life. Is it the size you expected? What do you think of the flame view? Does the design perfectly match your interior? You cannot make a final decision until you have been able to look and feel for a moment. A selection of fires, wall heaters and stoves are on show at the DRU dealer, some of which can even be seen in action.

Step three: seek advice

A fire is not something that you buy every day. In fact, fires have such a long lifespan that one good purchase is sufficient for the rest of your life. Therefore, seek plenty of advice from the dealer. He has been trained to give advice that perfectly matches your wishes and circumstances. It will save you from getting lost in the maze of contents, combustion efficiency and the cross-section of a flue gas channel.

The dealer guides you through this professionally, puts your wishes first and gives you expert advice. Check immediately to see if your new fire already has an energy label. This is mandatory from 2018, but the better manufacturers have already introduced them. The greener, the better; better for the environment, but also for your bank balance.

Step four: is all this possible?

To be completely sure, the dealer will visit your home. This is to check whether structural modifications are necessary and, if so, which ones. Where will the fire be installed? What is the route for the flue gas outlet? Are the figures correct so that the new fire has the optimum output? Once all the items have been ticked off, the materials can be ordered.

Step five: build it!

The time has finally come! Construction is about to begin. As soon as all the materials are received, the installer will contact you to arrange an appointment to install the fire. Please note that as from 2018, gas fires and gas heaters may only be installed by authorized gas installers. This is essential for safety. As soon as the fire has been connected and tested, the surround will be built around it. Congratulations! You can now enjoy your new fireplace.

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