What can I do with a second hand fire, heater or stove?

High-quality fires, wall heaters and stoves can last a long time with regular and professional maintenance. As a result, it may in some cases seem attractive to refurbish an existing stove, wall heater or fire or to acquire someone else's second-hand gas fire or wood-burning stove. There are, however, some points to consider when taking over and installing used stoves. It is also possible that you want to buy a new fire or heater and you are wondering what you want to do with your current appliance. If it is still working properly, you may want to know if you can still exchange it.

What is the value of my second-hand stove or fire?

As a manufacturer of fires and stoves, we do not sell directly to consumers. Therefore, exchanging a used fire or stove is not possible with us. Some of our dealers buy used stoves and fires under certain conditions. If you want to know if your current second-hand fire or stove is eligible for trade-in, it is best to contact one of these dealers. They can then also give an estimate of the trade-in value. If you have any doubts about this, it is, of course, also possible to have your current stove or fire valued by several dealers.

Is it safe to resell a second-hand stove or fire privately? Have you already seen or even bought a new stove or fire? Then it might be obvious to sell your old gas heater, wood-burning fire or even a second-hand electric stove privately. However, the disadvantage is that the buyer hardly has any certainty about the condition of the stove or fire. Even if the appliance was still in good condition and you sold it in absolute good faith, you still run the risk of damage to the appliance during transport or reinstallation.

Safety first

With a stove or fire, safety is obviously an important point for consideration. To prevent problems for yourself and the buyer, it may be more sensible to have it done through an expert trader. This will allow you to remain free of any future problems with the stove or fire, and the new owner will have the security of a safe and sound appliance. In addition, a dealer can ensure that your second-hand stove or fire is fully inspected and, if necessary, overhauled. In addition, most dealers take care of the installation and offer, after revision, a limited guarantee to the new owner. For both parties, this makes the sale and purchase of a second-hand gas heater, gas fire or wood-burning stove safer.

Do you want to buy a second-hand stove or fire? 

A new stove or fire is expensive. As a result, it may initially seem financially attractive not to buy a new appliance, but to opt instead for a second-hand gas fire, gas heater, wood-burning stove or fire. However, if you want to be assured of a long lifespan for the fire or stove and low maintenance costs, it is probably more beneficial to choose a new fire or stove.

The advantages of a new fire or stove compared to a second-hand fire or stove

A new fire or stove also has other advantages. For example, new DRU gas fires and gas heaters are manufactured to use a different gas composition and this is a development that will definitely become more widely accepted. Moreover, new systems such as DRU PowerVent® offer more possibilities for easy integration into the home. In addition, both the new generation of gas fires/heaters and wood-burning fires and stoves convert fuel much more efficiently and effectively into heat, saving you wood or gas. A new stove or fire is slightly more expensive to purchase, but generates considerable savings in terms of maintenance and fuel costs.

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