Types of fires and fireplaces

What are the main types of gas fires?

Gas fires are produced in two main types, conventional flue and balanced flue gas fires.

Conventional flue gas fires

Conventional flue gas fires (or open combustion gas fires) must always be connected to a chimney in order to function safely and correctly. Air is drawn from the surrounding living area and combined with draught air from the chimney for combustion. Waste gases are then expelled up the chimney and into the atmosphere.

Prime examples of the conventional range are the Global 55XT CF and the Global 70XT CF gas fires (where CF stands for Conventional Flue).

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Balanced flue gas fires

Balanced flue gas fires (or closed combustion gas fires) can be installed with or without a conventional brick chimney.

Air is drawn from outside the building for combustion, with waste gases expelled outside using a concentric flue, which is connected to the top of the fire and inserted through an outside facing wall.

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