A wood fire is a luxury product that you want to enjoy for as long as possible. It is therefore a good idea to ask yourself the following questions when buying a new wood fire: what should you pay attention to when buying a wood fire? In this blog, we will take you through four points to make sure you buy the best fire for your living situation!

  1. Draining flue gases
  2. Choose the right power
  3. The importance of high efficiency
  4. Fireplace models and styles: which fire suits your interior?

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Removal of flue gases

The combustion of wood releases flue gases, which must be removed. There is no such thing as a wood fire without a flue. If you buy a new fire, it must be connected to a flue or chimney. This flue must be suitable for both carrying off the flue gases and supplying the fire with oxygen, as this is what is needed for the fire to burn.

It is therefore very important, before buying a fire, to find out whether your existing flue is suitable for the fire or, if you do not have one, to find out whether it can be realised in your home. We explain the points of interest in the two situations for you.

You have an existing chimney

Do you already have a flue? That does not mean it is suitable as a flue for the new fire. Always check, in consultation with an authorised dealer, whether this flue meets the requirements. Intensive use of the fire can cause wear and tear on the flue, which eventually causes problems. The purchase of a new fire or wood-burning stove is a good time to have the existing flue checked and possibly renovated.

You don't have a flue (yet)

If you do not have a flue, you will need to install and prepare it before purchasing a wood-burning stove. A flue should always protrude above the ridge of a house's roof so that the smoke does not cause a nuisance. You should therefore check which part of your house is suitable for installing a flue and a wood fire. Also take into account any regulations your municipality may have regarding the discharge of flue gases.

Do you have neighbours? Then it is useful to inform them about the arrival of a fire. Of course, the dealer you buy your wood fire from will be able to tell you more about the possibilities and help you think about the most convenient way to realise a flue or flue for your home.

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Choose the right capacity

The capacity of your new wood fire or stove is one of the most important things to consider when buying a fire. Always choose a fire that matches the capacity of the space you want to heat. Too low a capacity will ensure that you barely get the room warm, while too high a capacity will cause the room to overheat, preventing you from keeping the fire burning at full blast. This results in poor combustion, blackened windows and higher emissions. In other words: you want to avoid that.

Before buying a fire, it is therefore important to map out the power you need to comfortably heat the room where the fire will be placed. You should also think about what exactly you expect from your new wood fire. Does it serve mainly as heating, for example, or do you buy a fire for the atmosphere and is the heat in second place? This will influence the amount of power you ultimately choose. You can easily calculate the required power in a few steps. We previously wrote a blog about the capacity of a wood-burning stove, in which we get you started.

The importance of high efficiency

Besides the right output, efficiency also plays a role in the pleasant heating of your home. Does your fire only serve as additional heating? Then efficiency is probably not the most important consideration and you may pay more attention to style and ease of use. But especially if you plan to use your wood fire or stove intensively, efficiency does play an important role when buying a wood fire or stove.

A high-efficiency wood fire has a number of important advantages that you can take advantage of. We list them:

  • A high-efficiency wood fire gives more heat for the same amount of fuel than a lower-efficiency wood fire;
  • So less firewood is needed to heat the room to your liking and you save heating costs and the environment;
  • In addition, burning less firewood reduces odour nuisance in the surrounding area.

So in all cases, we recommend you buy a fire with a high efficiency. But it is not just the fire that affects the efficiency, the correct installation of the fire and your heating behaviour also influence the efficiency you achieve. A certified appliance, installed by a certified dealer, is very important for safe and clean burning.

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Fireplace models and styles: which fire suits your interior?

Wood fires and stoves come in countless models and styles; there is something for everyone. When you buy a new wood fire or stove, you may be surprised by the many possibilities. There is always a fire or stove with the right power to match your interior.

Insert or built-in fire

With wood fires, you have the choice of an insert or built-in stove. A built-in fire is a good choice if you are building a new house or renovating. In this case, the fire is installed after which the customised surround is placed around it. If you are not rebuilding or renovating your home, then an inset fireplace is the best choice for you. In most cases, an insert fireplace is installed in an existing chimney breast.

Freestanding or hanging wood-burning stoves

For wood stoves, you have a choice between a freestanding wood stove and hanging wood stoves. Free-standing wood stoves give off heat from all sides and are great for heating a large room. Suspended wood stoves, on the other hand, are more suitable for a smaller living space. They take up less space visually and offer the possibility of creating a (wood) storage area under the stove.

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