What should I pay attention to when installing a wood fire?

When installing a wood-burning fire it is important to work safely. A well-designed installation prevents nuisance and dangerous situations at a later stage.

Can I also install my fireplace or stove myself?

Certainly, in the case of a wood-burning fire or stove, many people think that this can be carried out easily. However, we recommend that you have the installation of a wood-burning fire or stove carried out by an authorised dealer. You can find an official dealer of DRU, Dik Geurts or Spartherm in your area on this page. This way you can be sure that everything is done safely and professionally.

There is already a chimney in my house. Can I connect a new fire to it?

If you want to connect a new fire or stove to your existing chimney or heater pipe, always seek advice from an authorised dealer. Connecting a new fire or stove to an existing chimney duct is not necessarily impossible. However, the installation of a new fire or stove requires extra attention for the existing flue. Various factors determine whether the current flue is suitable or whether adjustments or renovations are needed.

The quality of the flue

The quality of the flue is a point for attention. After decades of trouble-free heating, the material of the flue may be damaged. Damaged walls are precisely the place where soot can accumulate and chimney fires may even occur.

The diameter of the flue

It is also possible that the diameter of the flue is not sufficient for the type of stove or fire that you want to connect to it.

The length of the flue

The length of the flue must be adequate and at least exit above the ridge of the roof.

The material from which the chimney or flue is made.

Contemporary fires and stoves reach a higher temperature than the old-fashioned open fire. It is possible that the material of the current chimney or flue is not resistant to these higher temperatures.

Representatives of DRU fires and wood stoves are happy to come to your house to inspect the situation and advise you. This way you can be sure that your wood-burning fire or stove is a perfect match for your home.

More information about the operation and requirements for the outlet and ventilation.

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