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DRU does not sell its products directly to consumers. We work with a network of selected, approved fireplace retailers who are valued for their professionalism. All DRU dealers have dedicated showrooms featuring live displays of our gas fires and wood stoves. Their expertise also enables them to provide advice about what is the best fire or stove for your home.

The services provided by DRU fireplace dealers include design and planning, installation, warranty work and after-sales service.
In many cases they will visit your home to do a site survey, draw up plans for the installation of your gas fire or wood stove and inspect the work fully when complete.
Many DRU dealers employ interior designers who can produce a concept design for your fire or stove, often using fire surround materials, tiling and other effects to create a totally original focal point.
DRU dealers can advise on the correct installations for various chimney types, how to select a fire or stove when there is no chimney, and choosing appliances that will provide the most energy efficient performance for your home.
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