What is the best way to burn wood?

The Gelderland-Midden fire brigade advises you to keep your chimney clean and to ignite the wood fire using the Swiss method. With this method you burn the wood safely and more cleanly. This is also called the ‘reverse burning’ method.

 Large logs are placed at the bottom of the fire, while small pieces of wood are laid on top and ignited. This method ensures that the fire starts to burn gently at the top and minimises the release of smoke.

While burning
Although the proper way to control a wood fire is different for each appliance, we would like to provide some advice on minimising smoke pollution both inside and outside the home. This also promotes the most efficient use of your fuel.

1. Replenish the logs if small flames are still visible and a glowing bed can be seen at the base of the fire.
2. Gently open the door in order to prevent smoke from escaping into the living room.
3. Move the logs and embers into the centre of the chamber.
4. Depending on how much space is available, Place the logs in the fire with the exposed side facing down.
5. For a rapid ignition, open the air supply again.
6. As soon as the logs or briquettes have caught fire, reduce the air supply to normal.

Tip: With fires or stoves that have a larger capacity, pay attention to the direction of the logs. These must be placed in the same direction in the fire as they were in the wood storage, so not crossways.

After burning
If you want to stop a fire from burning, simply close the air supply. By doing this, you will ensure that the room does not cool down immediately, as heated air is also discharged by the air flow. To avoid the risk of fire, you must always place ash from the fire chamber into a metal bucket or tray and close it with a lid.
Was igniting the fire not entirely successful? Then watch the instruction video.

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