all fires and stoves

For every interior

At DRU we offer all fuels: Gas fires, wood fires, wood stoves and electric fires. This means that there is a dream fire for everyone and every interior! Whether you are looking for a three-sided gas fire or a freestanding wood stove, you will find it with us.

H51177 Linear Front 73x37

Slimline, letterbox-shaped wood fire.

H51178 Linear Front 74x62

Beautifully-proportioned wood fire with fixed door handle.

K54355 Odin Front, Base

Unique eyecatcher with great flaming image.

K54360 Odin Tunnel, Base

Fire and warmth on 2 sides.

C50605 Maestro 75 <i>Eco Wave</i>

The original ultimate fire

D53600 DRU Global 60 Triple BF

Gorgeous all round vision

K51905 Instyle 500

50 cm wide wood fire insert

C50650 Circo

A desirably curved gas stove.

C50730 Cosmo <i>Eco Wave</i>

Extensive, inspirational gas fire

C50770 Cosmo Tunnel <i>Eco Wave</i>

Generously sized, see-through fire

C50800 Diablo Next

Fire in a glass box

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