all fires and stoves

For every interior

At DRU we offer all fuels: Gas fires, wood fires, wood stoves and electric fires. This means that there is a dream fire for everyone and every interior! Whether you are looking for a three-sided gas fire or a freestanding wood stove, you will find it with us.

D53450 DRU Global 120 BF

Widescreen gas fire experience

D53451 DRU Global 120 Corner BF

Taking gas fires to another dimension

D53452 DRU Global 120 Triple BF

Luxury in 3 dimensions

D53500 DRU Global 60 Corner BF

Stylish 2-sided gas fire

D53050 DRU Global 55XT BF

A compact and versatile gas fire solution.

D58000 Fuora Q outdoor

Cube-shaped fire for a cosy atmosphere.

H51103 Linear Front 65x80

Portrait wood fire with flexible capacity.

H51106 Linear Front 60x51

Handy, square format wood fire.

H51108 Linear Front 100x70

Spectacular 1 metre wide wood fire.

H51110 Linear Front 88x44

Beatifully symmetrical wood fire with easy interior access.

H51112 Linear Front 120x52

Wide and handsome wood fire for larger rooms.

H51113 Linear Front 100x51

Panoramic wood fire with flexible installation.

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