all fires and stoves

For every interior

At DRU we offer all fuels: Gas fires, wood fires, wood stoves and electric fires. This means that there is a dream fire for everyone and every interior! Whether you are looking for a three-sided gas fire or a freestanding wood stove, you will find it with us.

H51290 Linear Triple 73x35x40

Build in fire with maximum fire view.

H51250 Premium Triple 60x38x50

Superior 3-sided wood stove.

H51251 Linear Triple 60x38x50

Stunning 3-sided build in fire with elevating door.

H51252 Linear Triple 80x41x50

Contemporary 3-sided fire with elevating door.

H51253 Linear Triple 100x45x56

Lovely 3-sided fire with screen-printed glass.

H51254 Linear Triple 50x54x50

Smooth and frameless 3-sided wood burning fire.

H51255 Linear Triple 50x74x50

Compact build in fire with 3-sided fire display.

H51256 Linear Triple 55x91x54

Unique U-shaped 3-sided wood-burning fire.

H51300 Swing Insert 34x45

The convenient and compact wood fire insert.

H51301 Swing Insert 51x45

Popular square-format wood fire insert.

H51302 Swing Insert 61x50

Rectangular wood fire with flexible installation options.

H51303 Swing Insert 71x52

Generous wood fire insert with optional external air connection.

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