Bioethanol fires

Bioethanol fires are a pioneering alternative to conventional, gas, electric or wood burning fires. Fuelled by renewable bioethanol, they are simple to install and operate, in most cases do not need a chimney or flue pipe, generate no noxious odours or particles and have a 95% energy efficiency rating. So, there are no barriers to your enjoyment of an attractive and convenient fire.

R51100 Architecture

Stunning fire on a solid foundation.

R51430 Aviator

A circular tour de force of flying colours.

R51300 Cabinet Fire

Bring the passion of flames to your kitchen.

R51001 Cambridge 600

Perfect flames on an eye-catching backdrop.

R51470 Chelsea 1V

The stunning widescreen bioethanol fire.

R51200 Elipse Base

Elegant and deceptively simple.

R51203 Elipse Base Mini

The compact table-top solution.

R51005 Elipse Wall

The shapely wall mounted solution.

R51008 Elipse Wall Mini

The compact wall-mounted bioethanol fire.

R51105 Elipse Z

The bioethanol fire with the Z factor.

R51480 Kensington 1V

The fascinating frameless bioethanol fire.

R51225 La Vela grande

Stylish features with a vivid flame.

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