Bioethanol fires

Bioethanol fires are ready for the future. They are powered by renewable bioethanol and are easy to install and operate.

What is bioethanol?

R51410 Quadra Drop-in Inside III

The sizeably appealing drop-in bioethanol fire.

R51310 Quadra FD Inside I

The dramatic see-through fire.

R51313 Quadra FD Inside I automatic

The automatically controlled tunnel bioethanol fire.

R51330 Quadra U Inside I

The delightful U-shaped bioethanol fire.

R51333 Quadra U Inside I automatic

The automatic U-shaped bioethanol fire.

R51020 Quadra Wall

Square, stylish and compact.

R51460 Steel

The polished and portable bioethanol fire.

R51115 Tower A

A sleek masterpiece in or out of doors.

What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol is a liquid fuel made from biodegradable waste. This makes a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels such as natural gas. Read more about bioethanol.

Used in an efficient fire, bioethanol is virtually odour and smoke free. And, in most cases, there is no need for a chimney.

Pure bioethanol, important for clean combustion, is easy to obtain.


A bioethanol fire has real flames, so just like any other fire it must be treated with care. Location and installation are of prime importance; always read and follow the manual and make sure the fuel is handled correctly. In addition, be sure to select a fire from an established brand such as ebios-fire®. Your DRU dealer will provide all the technical and safety information you need, or you can read more on the information pages.

ebios-fire® bioethanol fires from DRU

Bioethanol fires are available in a large selection of sizes, shapes and formats. For example, as well as suspended and freestanding models, built-in and insert fires are also available.

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