Spartherm - Built-in fires

H53151 Linear Corner H2O 58x39x51

2-sided sophistication and versatility.

H53150 Linear Corner H2O 68x46x51

2-sided stylishness and flexibility.

H53006 Linear Front H2O 67x51

Central heating insert with higher glass.

H53007 Linear Front H2O 67x51-XL

Wood fire insert for central heating.

H53008 Linear Front H2O 67x51-XXL

High capacity water heating fire.

H53040 Linear Front H2O 88x44

Classic letterbox central heating fire.

H53020 Linear Tunnel H2O 67x51

Central heating tunnel fire with maximum interior view.

H53125 Linear Tunnel H2O 88x44

Multipurpose see-through wood fire.

H53003 Swing Front H2O 67x51

Wood fire insert for central heating.

H53004 Swing Front H2O 67x51-XL

High capacity water heating stove.

H53005 Swing Front H2O 67x51-XXL

Maximum fire and water power.

H53045 Swing Tunnel H2O 67x51

A central heating wood fire that you can see from 2 sides.

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