Commercial heating

DRU manufactures and supplies gas heating appliances and solutions for churches, schools, offices, industrial premises, homes and many more institutions, both large and small.

DRU gas wall heaters are designed for large space heating in public buildings such as churches, town halls and school assemblies. They are also effective in places such as offices, retail, classrooms, village halls and in the home.

C50605 Maestro 75 <i>Eco Wave</i>

The original ultimate fire

H50303 a3

All round flair and luxury

G50205 DRU64MF

Generous multi-fuel stove

D53600 DRU Global 60 Triple BF

Gorgeous all round vision

K51905 Instyle 500

50 cm wide wood fire insert

A50900 Art 8

Tried and trusted heating solution

A50200 Art 2

Tried and trusted heating solution

A50400 Art 3

Tried and trusted heating solution

A50600 Art 4

Tried and trusted heating solution

A50700 Art 5

Tried and trusted heating solution

A50800 Art 6

Tried and trusted heating solution

A51000 Art 10

Tried and trusted heating solution

DRU heating appliances include balanced flue heaters using natural convection, powered flue heaters with rapid warm-up times and conventional flue heaters that connect to an existing chimney.

DRU heaters are up to 92% efficient, helping you to comply with current environmental directives and modern building regulations.

DRU is a company that was founded in the Netherlands in1754. It’s UK subsidiary Drugasar has been active since 1975. It has completed many thousands of successful installations in churches, schools, offices and other public buildings.

DRU works through a national network of GAS SAFE registered heating installers, delivering safe, efficient and reliable heating systems to churches, schools and other commercial premises throughout the UK mainland.
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