Dik Geurts

K53433 Folke <sup>RS</sup>

Freestanding modern wood stove.

K50810 Olaf <sup>EA</sup>

Corner stove with log storage

K51905 Instyle 500 <sup>EA</sup>

50 cm wide wood fire insert

K50500 Tornado Straight

Wall-mounted corner stove

K50600 Tornado Oblique

Inspiration with a new angle

K50900 Bora Fixed <sup>EA</sup>

Cubic, self-contained wood stove

K51000 Bora Flex <sup>EA</sup>

Cubic, self-contained wood stove

K51100 Bora Wall <sup>EA</sup>

Versatile cubic wood stove

K51200 Bora Console <sup>EA</sup>

Cubic, wall-mounted wood stove

K51300 Bora Cover <sup>EA</sup>

Cubic, suspended wood stove

K51910 Instyle 550 <sup>EA</sup>

55 cm wide wood fire insert

K51915 Instyle 600 <sup>EA</sup>

60 cm wide wood fire insert

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