Dik Geurts

K51972 Prostyle 1000

Expansive, pristine wood fire

K52900 Instyle Corner 660 Low

Useful 2-sided wood fire

K53000 Instyle Triple 660 Low

Stylish 3-sided wood fire

K53100 Instyle Tunnel

Smart see-through wood fire.

K53125 Prostyle Tunnel

Sleek, see-through wood fire

K53304 Ivar 5 Low

Adaptable wood or multi-fuel stove.

K53305 Ivar 5, Store

Classic stove with log storage.

K53306 Ivar 5, High

Versatile wood or multi-fuel stove.

K53307 Ivar 8, Low

Versatile high capacity stove.

K53308 Ivar 8, Store

High capacity with log storage.

K53310 Jannik Medium, Low

Robust, stylish wood stove.

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