Dik Geurts

K53460 Modivar 5, Store Corner

Beautiful modern wood stove.

K53465 Modivar 5, Straight Plateau

Wood stove with modern plateau.

K53470 Modivar 5, Floating Plateau

Wood stove with beautiful fire view.

K52915 Instyle Corner Slim 660/495

Two-sided panoramic fire view

K53650 Lars 1000

Freestanding wood stove with store for wood.

K50851 Bora Corner, Fixed

Unique wood stove from Dik Geurts

K50853 Bora Corner, Cubes

Dik Geurts stove with wood compartments

K50854 Bora Corner, Plateau Straight

Dik Geurts Design Fireplace

K50855 Bora Corner, Plateau Floating

Dik Geurts Design Fireplace

K56510 Ivar 10 H2O, Store

The environment-friendly alternative for every home

K53309 Soren 5

Compact and sturdy fireplace.

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