Dik Geurts

K50855 Bora Corner, Plateau Floating

Dik Geurts Design Fireplace

K56510 Ivar 10 H2O, Store

The environment-friendly alternative for every home

K53309 Soren 5

Compact and sturdy fireplace.

K52917 Instyle Corner Slim 660/570

Optimal combustion, perfect fire view.

K54355 Odin Front, Base

Unique eyecatcher with great flaming image.

K54360 Odin Tunnel, Base

Fire and warmth on 2 sides.

K52629 Instyle 800V Next

80 cm wide fan-assisted wood fire

K52625 Instyle 600V Next

60 cm wide fan-assisted wood fire

K52627 Instyle 700V Next

70 cm wide fan-assisted wood fire

K54366 Oval Front, Fixed

A beautiful suspended Dik Geurts fire

K54369 Oval Front, Wall

Wood fire with gorgeous flame picture

K54365 Oval Front, Base

Freestanding robust fire

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