Dik Geurts

K53433 Folke <sup>RS</sup>

Freestanding modern wood stove.

K53105 Instyle Tunnel <sup>RS</sup>

Smart see-through wood fire.

K53370 Ivar 5 Low <sup>RS</sup>

Adaptable wood or multi-fuel stove.

K53373 Ivar 5 High <sup>RS</sup>

Versatile wood or multi-fuel stove.

K53376 Ivar 5 Store <sup>RS</sup>

Classic stove with log storage.

K53379 Ivar 8 Low <sup>RS</sup>

Versatile high capacity stove.

K53382 Ivar 8 Store <sup>RS</sup>

High capacity with log storage.

K53390 Aste 5 Low <sup>RS</sup>

Wood stove with a classic look.

K53455 Modivar 5 Store Front <sup>EA</sup>

Wood stove with practical wood compartment.

K53458 Modivar 5 Store Front <sup>RS</sup>

A wood-burning stove for every day, but not commonplace.

K53460 Modivar 5 Store Corner <sup>EA</sup>

Beautiful modern wood stove.

K53463 Modivar 5 Store Corner <sup>RS</sup>

Modern wood stove with wood compartment.

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