R51220 La Vela midi

A torchlight procession in renewable bioethanol.

R51440 Nano automatic

The neat freestanding bioethanol stove.

R51010 Oxford 600

Classic hole-in-wall bioethanol fire.

R51015 Oxford 700

Beautiful widescreen bioethanol fire.

R51450 Passo E automatic

The exquisitely designed cylindrical bioethanol stove.

R51305 Quadra 1V Inside I

The bioethanol fire insert with a perfect view.

R51307 Quadra 1V Inside I automatic

An automatically desirable bioethanol fire.

R51315 Quadra 2L Inside I

The versatile corner bioethanol fire.

R51318 Quadra 2L Inside I automatic

The automatic corner bioethanol fire.

R51320 Quadra 2R Inside I

The alternative corner bioethanol fire.

R51323 Quadra 2R Inside I automatic

The automatic 2-sided bioethanol fire.

R51210 Quadra Base

The no-nonsense table-top fire.

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