R51325 Quadra C Inside I

The 3-sided panoramic bioethanol fire.

R51328 Quadra C Inside I automatic

The automatic panoramic bioethanol fire.

R51400 Quadra Drop-in Inside I

A compact and space saving bioethanol fire.

R51415 Quadra Drop-in Inside I automatic

A compact, space-saving and automatic bioethanol fire.

R51405 Quadra Drop-in Inside II

A practical and sustainable solution.

R51420 Quadra Drop-in Inside II automatic

A stylish, practical and automatic bioethanol fire.

R51410 Quadra Drop-in Inside III

The sizeably appealing drop-in bioethanol fire.

R51310 Quadra FD Inside I

The dramatic see-through fire.

R51313 Quadra FD Inside I automatic

The automatically controlled tunnel bioethanol fire.

R51330 Quadra U Inside I

The delightful U-shaped bioethanol fire.

R51333 Quadra U Inside I automatic

The automatic U-shaped bioethanol fire.

R51020 Quadra Wall

Square, stylish and compact.

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