Electric fireplaces

Full experience, zero emission

An electric fireplace with the full fire experience without the emissions. Lifelike wood flames, pleasant warmth and a crackling sound. You can easily place the Virtuo anywhere in your home. No chimney or outlet is needed. One outlet is all you need to enjoy a romantic open fire.

S50085 Virtuo 180/3 Evolve

Electric and convenient

S50065 Virtuo 100/3 Evolve

Beautiful realistic flamepicture

S50075 Virtuo 130/3 Evolve

Electric fire, with a view from three sides

S50070 Virtuo 130 Evolve

All ambience, no emissions

S50060 Virtuo 100 Evolve

The ultimate electric fire

S50080 Virtuo 180 Evolve

Electric atmosphere and warmth

S50010 Virtuo 75

100% electric convenience

S50030 Virtuo 80/2

Ideal for corner placement

S50050 Virtuo 80/3

100% electric mood bringer

What is an electric fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are on the rise. No combustion is required to heat a room with an electric fireplace. You simply insert a plug into the socket and with the push of a button the fireplace burns. No combustion takes place, no smoke is released and therefore you do not need to connect the fireplace to a flue. Electric fireplaces therefore make little impact on the environment and are a sustainable alternative to a gas or wood fire.

Heating the room with an electric fire

The DRU Virtuo is a 100% electric ambient fire, which can also serve as a heater. DRU electric fires all contain a heating element that is easy to operate. This means you can enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of a fireplace without the need for traditional fuel. You light the fireplace with a plug in the socket and heat the room with the push of a button.

A fireplace for every living situation

Would you like a fireplace, but your home does not have (the possibility of) a flue or is not connected to the gas network? Then an electric fire is the ideal solution for your living situation! DRU Virtuo electric fires can be connected in any situation where there is access to electricity!

The advantages of electric fires

The electric fire is easy to operate and suits every living situation, but what other advantages does an electric fire have? We list the main advantages for you:

  • Electric fireplaces are easy to install. The fireplace works when the plug is inserted into the socket. Would you like to place the fireplace in a surround? Then the installation does not become much more complex, but it does involve skilled work.
  • The flames of the DRU Virtuo are indistinguishable from the real thing! At DRU we project the flames in 3D, the latest projection technique which makes the flames appear even more realistic.
  • No ignition takes place, making an electric fire a lot safer than a gas or wood fire. Because there is no real fire, the electric fireplace is also low maintenance.

Does an electric fireplace have any drawbacks?

An electric fireplace is not always associated with real fire, but does the electric fireplace really have any disadvantages? Although the electric fireplace creates atmosphere and warmth just like a gas or wood fireplace, there are a number of points in which the fireplace differs from gas or wood fireplaces:
  • The electric fires does not show real flames, however, the flame pattern of our fireplaces is almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
  • Our electric fireplaces are odorless. When the fireplace is on, there is no authentic smell that some people find pleasant.
  • Stoking an electric fireplace is not entirely free of charge. You pay for the electricity consumed in addition to the purchase of the appliance. However, the cost of using an electric fireplace is much lower than that of a gas or wood fireplace.

The electric fireplace is future-proof

Do you want a future-proof fireplace that offers you warmth and atmosphere? Then an electric fireplace will meet your needs. Gas for a gas fireplace is becoming increasingly expensive and the availability of gas is becoming less. Also, the requirements for stoking a wood fireplace are being tightened while the possibilities of electricity are increasing.

Because the electric fireplace uses only electricity and no heat is lost, the electric fireplace is very energy efficient. The cost of using an electric fireplace is therefore much lower than that of a gas or wood fireplace. With an electric ambient fireplace you are heating energy efficiently, cheaper and prepared for the future!

More information about the DRU Virtuo?

Would you like our specialists to think along with you, or do you have any questions about our electric fires? Request the free brochure or contact us! Would you like to experience the flame effect of an electric fire for yourself? Then visit our Inspiration Centre or go to a dealer near you. The uniqueness of the DRU Virtuo is that this fire is not only available as a front fire but also as a 2-sided fire or 3-sided fire.
This allows you to enjoy the fire from multiple angles. Enjoy the different flame images!
Also read the frequently asked questions about electric fireplaces.

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