The DRU gas fire collection includes contemporary, designer gas fires with innovative features, such as the exclusive DRU Eco Wave tablet or smartphone control app and the PowerVent® extended flue system. In addition, Global gas fires by DRU are modern, practical and affordable gas fires with slim profiles in many sizes, shapes and capacities.

C50730 Cosmo <i>Eco Wave</i>

Extensive, inspirational gas fire

C50770 Cosmo Tunnel <i>Eco Wave</i>

Generously sized, see-through fire

C50800 Diablo Next

Fire in a glass box

C50820 Excellence 50XT <i>Eco Wave</i>

The high end fire experience

C50810 Excellence 60 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Lovely flames perfectly framed

C51000 Largo Tunnel

The ultimate room divider

C51020 Lugo 70/2 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Comfort and all-round satisfaction

C51040 Lugo 70/3 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Panoramic and dramatic flames

C51060 Lugo 80/2 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Comfort and all-round satisfaction

C51080 Lugo 80/3 <i>Eco Wave</i>

Panoramic and dramatic flames

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